About Cantex Continuing Care Network

Texas physicians, hospitals, and families trust us to provide outstanding professional medical care with the highest levels of satisfaction. We specialize in providing:


We subscribe to a “Committed to Excellence” philosophy that emphasizes compassion, service, and a commitment to realizing the best possible health outcomes, with special support for families in time of crisis.

Trusted to Excel

Our ability to deliver outstanding care for best patient outcomes derives from the amazing skills and dedication of our staff, our commitment to deploy the latest technologies, and our desire to use innovative treatment techniques. These factors combine to deliver to our patients:

  • Faster, more effective healing
  • Reduced symptom frequency and intensity
  • Improved comfort
  • Better long term prognosis
  • Reduced need for medications
  • Efficient follow-up care

To Learn More

We are always available to answer questions or comments. For more information, please contact us online and we will reply as quickly as possible.