Peter A. Longo


Principal and Managing Partner


Peter Longo is a principal and managing partner of Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN). He is responsible for the company’s vision and mission, as well as its ongoing performance and development of innovative continuing care programs and services.

Mr. Longo has 21 years of experience in health system management, having served in a variety of leadership positions at Cantex and industry-wide organizations. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Cantex from 1993-2001. Since then, he has co-led the company’s strategic growth, including the development of new in-patient facilities and related continuing care service businesses. He has also spearheaded Cantex’s evolution from a multi-facility skilled nursing provider to a full-service continuing care network, including the development of strategic health care alliances.

Mr. Longo served on the Board of Directors of the Texas Health Association from 1994-2001, where he held the position of Chair from 1999-2001. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the American Health Care Association from 1999-2001. He is a member of both the Texas and New York State Bars, having received his law degree in 1983 from the University of Virginia. He also received a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1980.





Joseph Bell


Principal and Managing Partner


Joseph Bell is a principal and managing partner of Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN). He is responsible for overseeing the long-term strategy and direction of the company, as well as its continued innovation and reputation for excellence.

Mr. Bell has 21 years of experience in health system management, having served as General Counsel of Cantex from 1993-2001. During that time, he led the development of Cantex’s organizational structure, capitalization and risk management, which included responsibility for managing the company’s balance sheet. Since then, he has co-led the company’s strategic growth, including the development of new in-patient facilities and related continuing care service businesses. He has also spearheaded Cantex’s evolution from a multi-facility skilled nursing provider to a full-service continuing care network, including the development of strategic health care alliances.

Mr. Bell is a member of both the Texas and New York State Bars, having received his law degree in 1983 from the University of Virginia. He also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Virginia in 1979.





Robin F. Underhill


Chief Executive Officer


Robin F. Underhill is the Chief Executive Officer of Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN). She manages the growth of the company’s multiple business lines, including transitional care, chronic care, home and community-based services, as well as Cantex’s captive pharmacy and in-house rehabilitation program. Under her direction, Cantex remains focused on an unwavering commitment to quality, customer service and patient-centered care.

Ms. Underhill brings 20 years of long-term care experience to Cantex. She began her career in 1991 with Sun Healthcare Corporation, advancing to Divisional Vice President of Operations responsible for 45 skilled nursing facilities. In 1999, she accepted the appointment of Chief Operating Officer for Ballantrae Healthcare in Albuquerque, NM, responsible for 35 long-term care properties. The company successfully assimilated six acquisitions under her leadership before she joined Cantex as CEO in 2001.

Since then, Ms. Underhill has been appointed to the Governor’s nine-member Nursing Facility Quality Assurance Team. She is the driving force behind Cantex’s commitment to excellence, evidenced by the company’s consistent ability to exceed State and National Quality Metrics.

Ms. Underhill earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Management from Quinnipiac College in Hamden, CT in 1987.





Mark S. Voye


Chief Financial Officer


Mark Voye is the Chief Financial Officer of Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN). He oversees all financial aspects of the company, including financial statements, cash management, budgeting, forecasting, audits, reimbursement, payroll and payables, accounts receivable and leadership of the information services department.

Mr. Voye began his long-term care career in 1983 with H.E.A. Management Group, Inc. of Denton, TX, where he managed finances for 130 skilled nursing facilities as Vice President of Finance. In 1995, Sun Healthcare Group, Inc. of Albuquerque, NM hired him as Vice President/Controller, where he oversaw financial operations for more than 400 facilities representing $2 billion in operating revenues. Mr. Voye joined CCCN in 1999 and brings an owner’s perspective to the financial stewardship of the company.

His nearly 31 years in the business have provided him with top-level involvement in a variety of organizations, giving him a broad view of best practices within and beyond the financial realm. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Youngstown State University in 1982.





David Eriksen


General Counsel


David Eriksen serves Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN) as General Counsel and compliance officer. He oversees all business law matters and litigation for the company. Mr. Eriksen counsels Cantex senior management on a broad variety of topics, including day-to-day clinical and operational issues, state licensing and corporate legal and regulatory compliance matters, as well as risk management, including employee injury claims.

Before joining Cantex in 2004, Mr. Eriksen was an Equity Partner in the law firm of Thompson, Coe, Cousins & Irons, LLP in Dallas, TX. He originally joined the firm as an Associate in 1990. Prior to earning his JD from St. Mary’s University College of Law that same year, he worked in the banking and mortgage industries, serving Gill Mortgage Company, Colonial Frost Bank and MedCentre Bank between 1978 and 1987.

Mr. Eriksen’s depth and breadth of legal and business knowledge and experience are integral to Cantex’s policies and corporate decision-making, keeping the company accountable to its various stakeholders, patient and employee populations, and reporting authorities.








Angela Smith 


Senior Director of Reimbursement/Rehabilitation


Angela Smith is the Senior Director of Reimbursement/Rehab for Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN). She is responsible for financially managing the company’s rehabilitation program, including Medicare, Managed Care and Medicaid reimbursement, training, regulatory compliance and quality improvement for her departments.

She has managed reimbursement systems for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and outpatient clinics, starting her career in occupational therapy in 1986. In 1993, she transitioned to fiduciary responsibilities with Vencor, Inc. of Lowell, MA, leaving as Area Manager of Program Development and Training 1997. Between 1997 and 2001, Ms. Smith worked for Sun Healthcare Group of Albuquerque, NM, managing operational, financial and clinical activities of the Western Group as Director of Medicare Operations. From 2001 to 2003, she served as Vice President of Rehab/Medicare Operations for Ballantrae Healthcare, LLC of Albuquerque, and Vice President of Medicare and Rehabilitation Services for Centers for Long Term Care, Inc. of Dallas, TX. In Summer 2003, she started her own consulting business providing therapy management, revenue recovery and rate enhancement services to regional clients. She joined Cantex in 2010.

Ms. Smith is a dedicated clinician and financial steward who keeps Cantex on the leading edge of healthcare reimbursement. She received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Tufts University in Medford, MA in 1985.





Elizabeth A. George


Director of Professional Development


Elizabeth George is the Director of Professional Development for Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN), where she contributes to the company mission through recruitment, retention, employee relations, on-boarding, training and benefits procurement.
Ms. George began her career as a Banking Center Manager with Compass Bank between 1993 and 1997. She held a similar position with Bank One between 1997 and 1999, before becoming the Human Resource Manager for The Gentry Group in 1999. In 2001, Ms. George joined Cardiovascular Consultants of North Texas, LLP as Human Resource Manager and served in that capacity until Golden Acres Campus hired her as Director of Human Resources in 2005. In 2007, Cantex hired her to oversee its workforce of more than 2,500 employees; in this role, she was instrumental in crafting the Cantex Standards of Behavior.

Ms. George considers herself an employee advocate with a passion for creating memorable, positive patient experiences through outstanding service delivery. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from St. John’s University in 1993 and is currently working on her MBA in Personnel Management at the University of Texas at Dallas.





Lara Cline


Director of Care Coordination


Lara Cline is the Director of Care Coordination for Cantex Continuing Care Network. In this role, she works in collaboration with physicians to provide or facilitate primary and/or secondary care services to patients, residents and clients. She provides centralized case management by serving as a Nurse Practitioner Coach between care providers, patients, families and payers, navigating the patient and family from the hospital to post-acute care and to home, as appropriate.

In her previous roles as Manager Clinical Services and Nurse Practitioner, Ms. Cline developed a home based model for a start-up company to perform health risk assessments for the Medicare Advantage Program and trained and expanded the program nationwide. Ms. Cline also led daily operations of the clinical team and in the facilitation of communications between scheduler, IT department, CEO, COO and Medical Director. Additional experience includes, Med One/Texas Senior Health Care Geriatric Service in Plano, where she was responsible for primary medical care to geriatric residents treating acute and chronic illnesses.

Ms. Cline earned her B.S. in Psychology at Texas A&M College Station and her B.S.N. at University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston. She earned her Master’s in Nursing from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver. She has completed Dr. Mary Naylor’s certification training in the Transitional Care Model along with training in Dr. Eric Coleman’s Care Transitions Interventions Model.





Patricia "Patsy" Tschudy


Director of Managed Care


Patsy Tschudy is the Director of Managed Care for Cantex.  She is a Registered Nurse and CCM with over 36 years of experience.  For over 34 years, Ms. Tschudy has been in Long Term Care, working as a Charge Nurse, Supervisor, and Director of nursing for over 11 years.

In 1995 she transitioned into Case Management and worked at Mariner Health Care (SavaSeniorCare).  She was the Director of Case Management.  While at Mariner/Sava she set up the Nurse Liaison program, infrastructure to support the Managed Care environment, including a pre-Certification Department and Regional Case Management Department.  She was responsible for Managed Care contracting opportunities across the country and Managed Care census development.  Ms. Tschudy transitioned to Cantex in 2013.  She is responsible for establishing the infrastructure to support the ever growing needs of the Managed Care environment for the in-patient SNF and Home and Community Based Services.

Ms. Tschudy is a graduate of Mobile College School of Nursing.  She has served as President and various Board positions at the Case Management Society of America.  She was the Co-Chair for Elder Services Provider’s Network, has worked with the American Association of Managed Care Nurses and various other committees in health care.



DeAnn Ogilvie


Director of Strategic Initiatives


DeAnn Ogilvie is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN).   She helps shape and direct various projects from an enterprise-wide perspective with focus on creative initiatives that drive expanded business opportunities, programmatic growth, interoperability and innovation.

In 2000, she brought her extensive clinical, management, and regulatory knowledge to CCCN’s captive pharmacy and was named Director of Pharmacy in 2007.  DeAnn successfully led the integration of CCCN’s pharmacy division into the company’s growing network portfolio.  She has likewise championed various company-wide projects, including facility design, culture advancement, technology appraisal and implementation, and she continues to search for creative means to keep CCCN as the leader in the post-acute marketplace.

A pharmacist by profession, DeAnn began her career providing mainstream, specialty and consultant pharmacy services to a large geographical area in Eastern New Mexico and West Texas.    By the mid 1990s, she dedicated her career to the post-acute arena.  She assumed operational oversight of sub-acute hospital and long-term care pharmacies in Texas and New Mexico for Horizon Healthcare/National Institutional Pharmacy Services, Inc.  Later she transferred to the Dallas area and gained a reputation as a trusted and respected clinician with national LTC pharmacy providers.

DeAnn earned her Pharmacy degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1991.  She is licensed to practice pharmacy in Texas and New Mexico and is a member of Rho Chi honor society, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and American Pharmacy Association. 





LaKeesha Zuniga


Director of Pharmacy


LaKeesha Zuniga is the director of Pharmacy for Cantex Continuing Care Network (CCCN).  She is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of Pharmacare.