When Is Hospice Care the Right Choice?

Considering hospice care for a loved one is an emotional and important decision. Elysian provides professional support for families with dedicated clinicians, who can help you make the right choice.

Hospice care may be advised if any of these considerations apply:

  • Illness has progressed beyond the treatment stage
  • Common daily functions have been severely impacted, e.g. difficulty eating, using the restroom, walking, or talking unassisted
  • Inpatient hospital or emergency episodes are frequent
  • Primary caregivers are overwhelmed
  • A natural, peaceful end of life is desired, in accordance with the oath of hospice: “Neither hinder, nor hasten death”
  • Family desires bereavement support

To Learn More

An Elysian Hospice clinician can assist you with additional information regarding the full range of services available to your loved one and family. Please contact us directly at 972-224-1876 or online.